Test Facilities, Equipment and Hardware for the Aero Engine Testing Industry

Test facility systems


Whatever your testing requirements may be, Cullum Aerospace can be trusted to deliver.


Cullum Aerospace manufactures on-wing and off-wing testing facilities for aero engines and gas turbines.

Our products and services range from large civil engine test cells and airport ground-running facilities, to on-base military engine test beds. This vast product range is supported with over 60 years’ experience.

Cullum is a trusted supplier to some of the biggest names in the Aerospace industry.

Our clients range from engine OEMs, to military forces; our products from outdoor engine test stands to on-wing ‘hush houses’.
Cullum can also supply additional engineered equipment such as blast deflectors, airflow straighteners and engine handling equipment.

Strategic planning around industry demands ensures that the Cullum portfolio of equipment grows with client expectations. Robust designs, strategic alliances and our dedicated team allow Cullum to provide global solutions - working across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America, Cullum can be trusted to deliver.

Product and Services

  • Complete Engine Test Cells and Facilities –Indoor or Outdoor, On-Wing or Off-Wing
  • Test Cell Intakes, Flow Conditioning and Exhaust Detuners (Silencers)
  • Thrust Stands, Cradles and Engine Handling Equipment
  • Run-Up Pens, Hush Houses and Blast Deflectors for Military or Civilian Use
  • Flow Conditioning Systems including Honeycomb Flow Straighteners, Screens and Acoustic Treatments
  • Acoustic and Flow Modelling

Test Facility Systems 

  • Data Acquisition Systems, Facility Control and Monitoring
  • Fuel, Lube Oil and Oil Inhibitor
  • Special Purpose Test Equipment
  • Facility Calibration and Certification

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