Commercial and Naval Marine Gas Turbine Products and Services

Marine Gas Turbine Integration


Whatever your Commercial or Naval Marine Gas Turbine requirements may be, Cullum Marine offers specialist services to ensure Operational Capability across all classes is maintained.


Cullum Marine provides engineered solutions and a range of equipment for naval and marine gas turbine applications.

Benefiting from our own in-house gas turbine integration facility, Cullum are able to offer services ranging from acoustic and filtration solutions to the provision of fuel, lubrication and engine control solutions.

We can supply acoustic enclosures, intakes and exhausts, designed specifically to integrate into your vessel. Cullum specialist silencers and marine filtration allow your engines to have maximum performance and reliability. Cullum can also produce marine gas turbine testing facilities and related systems, just as we can for aero engine testing

A0 and H0 fire rated equipment and a vast experience of the most challenging operating conditions and most stringent standards ensure that Cullum equipment has the highest standards of safety.

Cullum Marine has worked on major projects such as the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

Serving our customers for over 50 years Cullum has the depth and knowledge to keep you fully operational.


Products and Services

  • Marine Filtration and Salt Separation Systems
  • Marine Gas Turbine Intake and Uptake Silencers
  • SOLAS A0 and H0 Fire Certified Machinery Acoustic Enclosures and their Associated Ventilation and Protection Systems
  • Design, Build and Lifetime Support of Marine Gas Turbine Test Cells, Including Data Acquisition, Fluid Systems and Electrical Supplies


Marine Gas Turbine Integration

  • In-House Integration Facility
  • Installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Fluid Systems
  • Shaft Train Alignment and Engine Removal Strategies

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