Cullum Strategic Spares provides life time support of our products and equipment

Product support when it matters


Enabling you to plan ahead, minimise downtime, maximise availability and guarantee functionality.


Cullum Strategic Spares offers support for your equipment wherever in the world it is operating.

Not only do our experienced team provide spares, they will assist you identifying and planning a robust spares strategy to ensure continued operation of your plant and equipment.

Cullum can offer regular spares such as filter elements, or irregular spares for maintenance activities.

Our spares are supported by our installations team, who can offer help with installing your components.

Relationships with customers and third-party suppliers are key to us ensuring a world class support service. This extends to stock holder agreements and ‘Service Provider’ contracts.

With Cullum, safety critical, hazardous area and certification requirements are ensured.

Whenever you need spares for your equipment contact us to see what we can offer, be that spares or advice.


  • OEM Filters and Filtration Spares
  • Seals, Gaskets and Expansion Joints
  • Electrical and Control Equipment
  • Ventilation Dampers
  • OEM Crane Spares



  • Registered Exostar, FPAL and UVDB supplier
  • Spares Management Strategies
  • Tailored Service Agreements

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