Jack CullumThe Cullum business was originally founded by Horace W. Cullum, in 1898, as a specialist acoustic building design and supplies business based in London. The interest of Douglas Jack W. Cullum in the noise generated by aircraft engines and propellers led to the design of a silencer for the W2 700 jet engine developed by Sir Frank Whittle and his team at Power Jets Ltd. The 1940s saw the significant growth and development of the jet engine, which produced an increasing demand for ‘Detuners’; a generic term for a jet engine exhaust silencer. This let to for formation of Cullum Detuners Limited in 1959 to solely concentrate on the aerospace industry and in 1972 Cullum moved from London to our present site in Derbyshire.

Since its pioneering days, the company has been a global leading supplier of noise control equipment to the aerospace industry, from designing, manufacturing and installing their first commercially ordered Detuner for the deHavilland Engine Company in 1943, to completing the most advanced test cell facility in the world for Rolls-Royce, Derby in 2007.
Since the 1960’s, Cullum has also been instrumental in the advancement of complete turbine support system packaging (including noise control and filtration equipment) for power generation and oil and gas driven applications for industrial gas turbines. Our product and service range includes complete maintenance, repair and overhaul of these systems, including full CDM and site management services.

Our involvement within the Marine sector, has seen Cullum complete the full gas turbine package integration for the UK’s Aircraft Carrier Fleet, including baseplate and all electrical and fluids integration at our UK facility. In addition, we have constructed a test facility for the refurbishment of nuclear high integrity cranes to complete operational and proof load testing. Both these facilities demonstrate that we are committed to engineering our future and building on our skills and experience.

Throughout the years Cullum has been at the forefront of innovative engineering and our heritage inspires our continual development and application of the latest technology and environmental solutions to remain the principal authority on noise control solutions and be inventive in establishing new areas of the business.

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