Our focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to positive environmental impact is maintained by operating in accordance with our ISO 9001 & ISO14001 compliant Business Management System which is third party accredited.

An important requirement of both these standards is the need for continuous improvement, we recognise that only by continuously improving the effectiveness of our Business Management System we can ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the changing requirements of both our customers and the environment.

To satisfy the requirements of our customers and to maximise our positive environmental impact, we will:

  • Meet all the legal requirements regarding the environment, as well as customer expectations in respect of product quality, performance, safety and reliability. To provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers and neighbours.
  • Establish and track quality, environmental objectives and targets to provide resources and equipment to ensure the continual improvement of our processes, operations and effectiveness of our management systems.
  • Provide personnel at all levels of the company with the training, resources and necessary empowerment to ensure they are competent to do their jobs properly and meet the requirements of our documented Policies.
  • Communicate the requirements of our documented Policies and Business Management System to all employees and interested parties affected by our operations.
  • Follow well-defined procedures, controls, checks and associated responsibilities for each phase of the operation.
  • Monitor our operations and implement appropriate corrective and/or preventive actions to improve our performance.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations governing our operations and other requirements to which our company subscribes.
  • Our Business Management System is maintained by monitoring our Objectives and Targets, undertaking internal audits, analysis of data, management reviews, together with independent external audits and customer feedback.

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