S.A. Co-Generation Plant – Duenas, Spain

Complete Acoustic and Filtration Installation

Cullum Site Services were contracted by Rolls-Royce Energy Systems Inc. to carry out a complete installation and project management of acoustic and associated equipment.

Cullum did not supply the installed equipment but the client needed an experienced and reliable team of engineers for successful commissioning.

The scope of work called upon specialists within the team from Mechanical Installation, Electrical Design and Installation as well as Project Management.

Customer: Rolls-Royce Energy Systems Inc.

Key Details

  • Installation and positioning of Power Turbine and Alternator.
  • Installation of Steelwork
  • Installation of RB211 Power Turbine
  • Installation of Filtration System
  • Installation of Combustion Air Intake Ducting
  • Installation of Ventilation Intake and Exhaust System
  • Installation of Combustion Exhaust System
  • Acoustic Enclosure Installation
  • Fire and Gas Detection System Installed
  • Alternator Cooling System
  • Final Alignments between Alternator and Power Turbine
  • Lube Oil System and Connecting Pipe Work
  • Installation of all Interconnecting Wiring to MCC Room and Control Room
  • Installation of Electrical Control Panels
  • Pre Commissioning Work – Final Alignments