Cullum Celebrates 60 Years

Thursday April 11th 2019

It’s rare to find a business that can trace its roots back to 1898, but we can do just that.

Now Cullum is celebrating our 60th anniversary of becoming a Limited Company by looking back on the incredible journey that has brought us here – and looking forward to what the future holds.

London beginnings

Based in Heanor, Cullum Detuners was originally founded in London to supply specialist acoustics to the building trade. Our increasing knowledge in acoustics and the noise generated by aircraft engines led to our appointment to design a silencer for a jet engine developed by Sir Frank Whittle.

To take advantage of the growth in the aerospace industry, Cullum Detuners was formed on 21 April 1959 and the company moved to our current site in Heanor in 1972. Cullum is now a leading supplier of noise control enclosures, acoustic filtration and exhaust systems to the aerospace, energy, marine and nuclear industries.

At the forefront of innovation

Over the years, Cullum has expanded by being at the forefront of innovation, continuously pioneering new engineering solutions. Developments have included completing the largest Test Cell facility in the world for Rolls Royce in Derby and establishing specialist facilities for marine systems, nuclear high integrity cranes and the industrial gas turbine systems used by the power generation industry. Cullum also offer a full range of ongoing maintenance, refurbishment and replacement solutions.

To celebrate the milestone anniversary, we’re planning a year of events and celebrations, which will be kickstarted by the launch of a new brand identity and website to more accurately reflect Cullum’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Engineering excellence

Commenting Mark Jansen, Managing Director of Cullum said, “With customers as our focus, we are trusted to deliver engineering solutions from concept to installation, and have contracts with organisations that span the globe. As we move into our 60th year, we wanted to refresh the look of our brand to mirror where we are as an organisation.

“Using the word ‘Detuners’ as part of the company name and having separate logos for each sub division no longer reflects the industries we serve and the innovative solutions we provide. So, the first step in our 60th year is a refreshed brand which we’re excited to share.”

Looking to the future of Cullum and our 160 strong team, our company vision is to build on our strong heritage in providing noise solutions and to maintain, develop and promote engineering excellence.

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