From design to commissioning of new equipment, life extension and re-powering project; Cullum Energy offers unrivalled expertise both on and offshore.

Cullum Energy is a world leader in the provision of acoustic enclosures, filtration, exhaust systems and emissions control systems for industrial gas turbines and other turbo-machinery (Generators, Compressors and Pumps)

We carry out new build and refurbishment work for many global leaders in the energy, and oil and gas markets.

Our client base spans gas turbine OEMs, EPC contractors and operators of both onshore and offshore applications.  We carry out engineering design and manufacture at our UK headquarters and we can also manufacture at a range of strategic locations across the world

We work with clients to tailor all solutions specifically to their requirements, maintaining communication and flexibility at all stages of the process.

Cullum has experience of completing energy projects across the world, in all environments and for all applications.

Products and Services

  • Gas Turbine Air Intake Systems – including Silencers, Ducting and Expansion Joints
  • Filtration Systems – Static Filters or Pulse Filters, Single or Multiple Stages
  • Gas Turbine Combustion Exhaust Systems – including Silencers, Expansion Joints, Ducting and Acoustic and Thermal Cladding Systems
  • Exhaust Gas Emissions Control ) – including CO and NOx abatement systems (CO/SCR Catalyst systems)
  • Gas Turbine and Driven Equipment Acoustic Enclosures – including Mechanical Handling and Electrical Items – Fire Rating at A0 or H0 is Available as an Option
  • Gas Turbine Ventilation Systems – including Silencers, Fans, Retention Dampers and Ducting
  • Efficiency and Output Upgrades

Refurbishment and Life Extension – Onshore and Offshore

  • Gas Turbine Package Inspection and Condition Assessments, including Thermal Imaging
  • Engineering Reports
  • Full Refurbishment - including Design and Manufacture where needed - plus Installation Service and Spares Support
  • Retrofit and Upgrades - Gas Turbine installations to support IED compilance relating to emissions of CO and/or NOx

Emissions Reduction Technology

Cullum Emissions Reduction Technology - Providing innovative solutions to protect both your people and the environment from harmful emissions.

With over 60 years’ experience of Design, Manufacture & Installation of Exhaust Systems for Gas Turbines, Cullum ensure Site Owners & Operators are compliant with the latest regulations including the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Using Best Available Technologies we provide full integrated solutions including CO Oxidation Catalysts to reduce the effect of CO and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce the emission of oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)

We specialise in engineering solutions to ensure compliancy of older Gas Turbines and offer a fully managed installation service with our own dedicated personnel at the operational site.

Design & Manufacture:

  • CO reduction Oxidation Catalyst Solutions
  • NOx reduction SCR Catalyst Solutions
  • Ammonia or Urea Plant for SCR
  • Continuous Emissions monitoring (CEMS) Systems
  • Low NOx Burner Integration to WHRUS
  • Control System Integration
  • Ancillary Systems
  • Diverters & Dampers
  • Thermal Cladding

Site Services:

  • Existing Equipment Condition Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning Studies
  • Safety Assessments
  • Method Statement & Risk Assessments
  • Crane Lift Planning
  • Dismantling of Existing Equipment
  • Modification & Installation of New Equipment
  • System Commissioning

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