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We supplied 4 off exhaust systems to the Brae Alpha platform in 1983. The exhausts were installed to Rolls-Royce Olympus engines used for power generation in the Brae field.  Cullum entered into discussion with Petrofac; who was working on the upgrade of the platform power generation on behalf of the platform owner, Marathon Oil. 


We were tasked with carrying out an initial survey, including thermography, to assess the condition of the
components and their suitability for future use with the newer units. A detailed design report was then compiled identifying which sections should be replaced and which would be refurbished. An additional installation survey then took place and an installation plan was prepared in collaboration with the platform engineering team.

Key Deliverables

Thermal imaging
Designed the cold case exhaust sections
Integration with the existing exhaust system

We designed the cold case exhaust sections to integrate with the existing exhaust system including transition sections, attenuator sections and expansion joints. Other sections were shipped back to Cullum
Detuners manufacturing facility for refurbishment. 

Our Mechanical Site Engineers then undertook supervision of the installation offshore and supported
Marathon with spares and advice through to the commissioning of the new units. Following the commissioning, a further study was undertaken using thermal imaging to ensure the system was operating satisfactorily.

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