Our Mission: 'To make our industry quieter, safer and greener'


We created a purpose-built crane facility at its Derbyshire Headquarters. The test rig allowed works testing and dropped load testing on Cullum’s high integrity crane systems, which are in use at the key UK nuclear power stations.


The 12-metre high steel structure was built at Cullum’s main site in Heanor, Derbyshire. The rig was adjacent to our main manufacturing plant, which produces the high integrity of nuclear products.

150 Tonne Test Facility for Nuclear Industry Cranes

Aside from high integrity cranes, we can offer other products to the nuclear industry:

• Ductwork
• Enclosures
• Silencers
• Filter houses
• Ventilation Systems.


These capabilities have been developed through our work in the energy, oil and gas, and aerospace industries, and are directly transferable to the nuclear industry.

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