Cullum secured a contract to integrate the Rolls-Royce Marine Gas Turbine (MT30) into the Gas Turbine Assembly Power and Propulsion system for the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier programme. The contract was one of the largest orders won by the company. It covered the acoustic packaging of the MT30 and all the associated work and related equipment.


The final assembly of the MT30 Power and Propulsion system took place at our purpose-built facility in ‘land locked’ Heanor and was carried out by Cullum’s experienced and specialist engineering team.

Key Deliverables

Rolls-Royce MT30 Marine Gas Turbine
A0 Gas Turbine Acoustic Enclosure
Gas Turbine and Alternator Baseplates
Fluid Systems
Full Mechanical and Electrical Integration and Assembly

The gas turbine acoustic enclosure was designed to allow access for complex maintenance tasks without removing the engine. Cullum are extremely proud to have worked closely with the Aircraft Carrier Alliance and Rolls-Royce in designing, manufacturing and integrating the Package which produces the 72MW that the 65,000 tonne aircraft carrier needs.

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