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One of our Aerospace Hush Houses supplied to the UK MOD to allow engine testing for the UK’s fleet of Typhoon multi-role fighter jets.

The Hush House is designed to allow the jets to run-up their engines in a controlled environment. Both sound and exhaust blast are contained by the structure.

The facility has the capability to test other MOD aircraft, such as the Tornado, Jaguar and Hawk; allowing vital safety and performance checks in a safe environment.

Key Deliverables

Acoustic building
Advanced exhaust detuner – to control the engine exhaust gases and sound
Powered facility doors
Fire protection system
Ancillary plant room
Advanced data acquisition system
Aircraft restraints and powered nose wheel pit, to ensure correct alignment
Exhaust stack: 30m high and with advanced acoustic suppression
Support systems: All fire protection systems, fuel lines, data acquisition systems and many of the electrical systems.

Testing can be performed day or night, and in all weather and wind conditions; helping to provide a fast response air force.

The acoustic requirement was for 60dB(A) measured at 200m; reducing a deafening roar to the level of a quiet
conversation. We are proud to support the Royal Air Force with our products.

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