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tpgroup, the provider of mission-critical solutions for a more secure world has signed a partnership agreement with Cullum Detuners to work on carbon capture projects.


This alliance will develop end-to-end solutions to capture CO2 from power generation facilities to control their emissions and contribute to de-carbonisation goals, with an added option to turn captured CO2 into a secondary fuel rather than storing it. The joint team are currently working on project opportunities across the UK, Middle East and the U.S.


Cullum is a world leader in the provision of acoustic enclosures, filtration, exhaust and emission control systems for industrial gas turbines and other turbomachinery. They help organisations to reduce their carbon footprint by controlling harmful emissions with carbon dioxide filtration or improving system efficiency by modernisation or waste heat recovery.


As the technology partner to Cullum, tpgroup brings over 40-years’ experience of developing and deploying advanced carbon capture systems with a range of solutions, configurations and sorbent materials. These are used to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere efficiently, safely and reliably. This capability was originally developed to help submariners work comfortably hundreds of metres below sea level, and has evolved to capture carbon across all sectors – from industrial applications and hypobaric chambers to small submersible vehicles and spacecraft.


Jon Constable, tpgroup’s Group Technology & Engineering Director, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Cullum as we believe this offers a significant game-changer within the carbon capture market. Our market-leading technology and experience, combined with Cullum’s world-class systems and capability, means that we can offer a compelling and proven proposition to carbon capture.”


Mark Jansen, Managing Director of Cullum Detuners; said: “This partnership brings together two world-class organisations with over 80-years’ combined experience in CO2 capture. In collaboration, we can develop innovative solutions that help organisations reduce their carbon footprint in support of the Net-Zero 2050 target.”


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tpgroup develops resilient solutions for a safer world - driven by advanced technologies and world-class services. The company's shares have been traded on AIM (listed as TPG) since July 2001.


We are a global leader in consulting, digital solutions and engineering services across the full lifecycle of defence, space and energy programmes. National infrastructure & security organisations rely on us to solve their most pressing challenges and to transform how they operate in an evolving world – trusting us with their most valued assets.


About Cullum


Cullum is a world-class specialist engineering company renowned for providing advanced engineering solutions in the international markets it serves.


Based in Derbyshire, UK, Cullum has developed an extensive knowledge of leading-edge engineering practices driven - supported by a passion for innovation. They have expanded their expertise enabling them to deliver a huge range of advanced engineering solutions for the Aerospace, Marine, Energy and Automotive sectors.