Our Mission: 'To make our industry quieter, safer and greener'


Cullum prides itself on having a long and successful history with apprenticeships, young men and women join the business and go on to have fulfilling careers, most spending their whole working life with Cullum - which is testament to the environment and culture we create.


At the moment we are currently recruiting for 2 more Craft Apprenticeship roles, which you can apply for in our careers section. These roles will be pivotal in Cullum's strategic growth plans, learning the skills and trades that will keep the business growing for another 60 years - as we venture into Green focused markets and evolve new technology to support our customer base with the solutions they need not just today but also tomorrow. 


It is important to stay positive among the many global issues all businesses face currently and invest in the right area's for future success, we believe strongly that our apprentices will play a crucial part in this.