Our Mission: 'To make our industry quieter, safer and greener'


Cullum has joined the CCSA to become an active member focused on collaborating with like-minded businesses to share technology and ideas to achieve global Carbon Capture targets.  


The CCSA was launched in March 2006 to represent the interests of its members in promoting the business of capture and geological storage of carbon dioxide (known as Carbon Capture and Storage, or CCS) as a means of abating atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide and tackling climate change.


From its base in London, the CCSA brings together specialist companies in manufacturing & processing, power generation, engineering & contracting, oil, gas & minerals as well as a wide range of support services to the energy sector such as law, banking, consultancy and project management. The Association is a model for sectoral cooperation in business development and its existence is welcomed by the government.


As a non-technical trade association, the CCSA is unique in its focus on the business side of CCS and efforts to ensure commercial-scale CCS projects can play a part in moving towards a low-carbon global economy. To this end, the Association benefits from a close working relationship with the UK Government and European Commission in developing an appropriate regulatory framework for CCS and influencing policy developments on an international level.


Please click on the link below to see our CCSA site profile for more information.