Our Mission: 'To make our industry quieter, safer and greener'


30th March 2020


Update - Cullum fabricating diesel tanks for generators required by the UK National Health Service



I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on Cullum’s current operational status. Currently, our office team are working from home with full access to engineering tools and databases - so in that sense, we remain fully operational and ready to support customers with bid and engineering activity.


Due to ‘self-distancing’ regulations imposed by the UK Government, Cullum ceased Site Installation operations on 25th March. The Production facility remains open and is focusing on works deemed ‘essential’, including diesel tanks in support of NHS emergency power generation (as stated above).


Our staff are fit and healthy on the whole, which remains our priority focus during these challenging times. Liquidity remains strong, and we have the cash reserves to operate for some time without additional sources of income.


As mentioned in my previous statements, Cullum continues to have the infrastructure, capacity and capability to support its customer base with ongoing works, and indeed the ability to onboard new projects. Whilst we operate in uncertain times, my job is to ensure that the business is ready and able to support its customers with all its operational requirements in the near future.


Key person details are in Appendix 1, so please don’t hesitate to contact me or the team if needed.


Yours Sincerely 


Mark Jansen


Managing Director